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Lance L' ChienOver Mount Fuji is a novel that synthesizes layers of themes relating to the mysterfying Japanese psyche of suicide.

Over Mount Fuji reviewed by Marva Dasef.

The book is sort of science fiction, but extrapolates a very unique reason for a researched phenomena of deep ocean earthquakes, ship disappearances, volcanic eruptions, and the mysterious bloop sound in the South Pacific Ocean.

Over Mount Fuji follows the American reporter Eileen O’Neill and Professor Wulfstein, an expert on deep sea phenomena join to find the reason for the increasing number of disasters seen throughout the Pacific. Wulfstein posits a strange hypothesis that makes him the laughingstock of the scientific community, but he has proof, real proof. Proof that the others refuse to see.

A tense adventure with wonderful descriptions of everything from unnatural storms to earthquakes, Joel presents a unique theory, which will have you convinced by the end of the book. Now, I’m not going to give that reason away here. You’ll just have to read the book to find out.

I recommend the book particularly for those who love a great disaster novel, the ring of theories expounded there that keeps you on the edge of your seat while turning pages.

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  1. Some have asked me how to get a copy of Over Mount Fuji. Well, the easiest way is to ask your librarian, either the university or your local library. In Australia, the local community librarian will get me any book if I ask, and I’d asked for my own novel and, few weeks later, got it, lol.

    But if you are in Malaysia, and want to get a copy of Over Mount Fuji, it is available at Kinokuniya, KLCC, and MPH and its 29 outlets.

    Joel Huan (now writing the struggle of a Pekinese under the influence of the mysterious blo-o-p, set in catastrophic Japan)

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