Studying Migration Law at the Australian National University!

Well, how life can change out of a sudden!

I’m from Malaysia (Kuching to be exact), trained originally as an accountant in New Zealand at the University of Canterbury, found working pretty boring. Under the ‘moonlight’, I went about writing. Actually I wrote a few papers when I first migrated to Australia doing a few Law assignments for my Chartered Accountancy.

Instead of furthering my profession in Accounting, those assignments got me into the psyche of writing. So later, when finding my job boring, that psyche kept nagging me back, and so I went about writing, draft after draft, or I should say, moonlighting, sometimes while travelling in the train, but more often under my boss’s nose, lol. That resulted in a novel under a pseudonym. The theme of the cross-cultural romance story is about catastrophic Japan.

It was published in London, but the selling is slow, at least for now (who knows what might happen to my novel a hundred years from now when I revisited this planet as a ghost? haha). So to ensure some form of sanity for the time being, I am studying postgraduate Migration Law at the Australian National University and embarking a new career: on becoming a migrant agent 😉

Yes, a migration agent for my beloved Australia, a land young and free; free from the prejudices of Old Europe; free, too, from Old Asia.


~ by Joel on February 7, 2012.

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